Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, friends and enemies, welcome to the The Moonriser’s page.  Here you can find all the information you need to follow us through thick and thin and stay involved in all the wacky new things we’re doing.  If you weren’t a special person before, you’re a special person now!

Petroleum, Nowhere

Thank you for everyone who came to Reginald and Ruckus: Werewolf Hunters.  Perhaps we will see them again someday on one of their many adventures, but for now we depart the dark forest and snowy mountains and set a new course.  Our destination: Petroleum, Nowhere; the most vibrant and lively town in the Wild West!  More on that to come as we draw closer to our destination. Stay alert and keep yer eyes peeled for bandits and coyotes and we should arrive sometime in August.

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